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AOI testing equipment SMT industry status analysis

Everyone in the SMT industry knows that AOI inspection equipment is an optical inspection instrument, which usually has the same size and weight as other equipment in the industry. If the AOI inspection equipment is placed in the workshop with other SMT equipment, the AOI inspection equipment will n

AOI detector reduces SMT enterprise human cost

Usually, in our production process, we all pursue low-cost, in the competitive economic activities, at the cost of low-cost value creation. The price, it turns out, is long-term corporate sacrifice. The pursuit of low-cost is not impossible, but the concept of misunderstanding, so there are errors i

The characteristics and advantages of AOI detector

First of all, as we all know, AOI is automatic optical inspection, so the detector can automatically scan the PCB through the camera, collect images, and compare the solder joints tested with the qualified parameters in the database, after image processing, defects on PCB are detected and displayed/

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